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Recap of final East Herts 16,000 homes district plan meeting

An extraordinary meeting of East Hertfordshire District Council (EHDC) passed seven items on the proposed district plan to build 16,000 new homes unanimously without any debate.

East Herts councillors were invited to discuss the plans for one final time as they appeared on the agenda in seven different items but on each one no councillor spoke.

Leader of the council, councillor Linda Haysey, spoke prior to the items being presented to the meeting about the district plan.

She said: “We have had over 10 hours of discussions on these proposals in council meetings and in other various meetings. Planning meetings started in 2010 and councillors have been involved in discussions for that time.

“They are all technical papers for us as a council to agree to and to send to the inspectorate. I don’t expect to go into much detail because we have gone over them in detail before.”

During a members question session at the beginning of the meeting Ms Haysey was questioned on the consultation responses and infrastructure concerns.

Councillor Ian Devonshire, the member for Much Hadham, asked if Ms Haysey was worried about the 91 per cent of people who felt it was unsound and if she agreed with concerns raised by his constituents about PAH.

She replied: “I would prefer if everyone would agree with the plan but this wasn’t going to happen. Planning is an emotive subject.

“We are all very aware that Princess Alexandra is not adequate for providing healthcare for the existing population and definitely not for the increase in population that will come in Harlow and Uttlesford.”

The seven items on the district plan which were passed without debate and unanimously were:

  • The Regulation 22 Consultation Statement
  • Duty to Co-operate Compliance Statement
  • Equalities impact assessment of East Herts district plan
  • Proposed Minor Changes, Submission and Examination
  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  • Transport Modelling papers
  • Approach to Master Planning and Delivery of Strategic Sites papers
  • The East Herts district plan is expected to be submitted to the planning inspectorate by the end of the week.

This article was first published on 29/03/17 and can be read here.