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About Gilston Park Estate

CGI Aerial view of Gilston Park Estate

'At a glance' summary

  • 8,500 new homes
  • A series of villages, each with distinct character
  • Full range of new housing options
  • £500m of self-funded infrastructure
  • New education, health, leisure and community facilities
  • Regeneration of Harlow town centre
  • Urgent new homes for East Herts
  • Investment in road and transport improvements
  • Thousands of construction jobs and apprentices
Father and son enjoying a bike ride

A healthy town

Some of the biggest health issues we face are heavily influenced by the quality our environment and housing...

Man crossing the road

Villages with character

Gilston Park Estate is a proposal for 8,500 new homes set across a series of distinct villages, as part of a wider...

Train at platform

Transport links

To benefit new and existing residents, our proposal includes provisions for major investment in the exisiting road network and public transport links to Harlow and beyond.

Clock on side of Harlow building

Regenerating Harlow

Harlow is at the heart of one of the most economically productive and fastest growing areas of the UK. However, to make the most of the fantastic growth opportunity, Harlow is in urgent...

Mature tree in a open field

Countryside to enjoy

With over 60% left undeveloped, our proposal will restore the land around Gilston Park to open countryside, enabling residents to enjoy new walking paths, trails and green space.

Overview of Gilston Park Estate

Map of proposal

Our proposals would restore land at the heart of the development to open countryside for people to enjoy, with new walking paths and trails.

Investing in infrastructure

Without investing in new and improved infrastructure, new housing developments can place an unsustainable strain on local services such as roads, schools, childcare, health centres and...

Tractor harvesting a field

What about the green belt?

Proposed changes to the Green Belt boundary will allow for development to meet local housing need while protecting and enhancing East Herts’ rural character.