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A healthy town

Some of the biggest health issues we face are heavily influenced by the quality of our environment and housing standards.

Father and son enjoying a bike ride
Over 500

hectares of open green space for exercise, leisure and recreational purposes

Through innovative planning and design, we can improve both the physical and mental health of local residents.

Obesity, mental health issues, physical inactivity and the needs of an ageing population can all be influenced and linked to the standards of the housing sector. Recent NHS research indicates that Britain loses over 130 million working days to ill-health each year, and that physical inactivity is a direct factor in 1 in 6 deaths which has an overall economic impact of £7.4billion.

With this in mind, the NHS has released a five-year plan which makes commitments towards improving population health – and this includes the creation of healthy towns.

Our healthy town philosophy

Places for People are committed to ensuring that communities are sustainable and thrive within their environment. We believe in the ‘healthy town philosophy’ and will incorporate key elements to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyles of the future Gilston Park Estate residents:

  • On site healthcare facilities
  • Home and neighbourhood designs that make it easier for the older population, including dementia-friendly streets and signposts
  • Quality housing to reduce health risks
  • Wider pavements and fewer trip hazards
  • Safe and appealing green space for physical activity
  • Safer cycling and walking including a new network of cycling and walking trails which feed into the existing canal paths and trails along the Stort Valley
  • Digital access to healthcare facilities and SMART technology to aid data capture
  • Potential fast-food free zones outside of schools
  • Step up/down health accommodation to relieve pressure on hospital beds.

By incorporating these elements into Gilston Park Estate, Places for People can help create a green, welcoming, quality environment which improves the health and lifestyles.

We want your feedback

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