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Investing in infrastructure

Places for People believe in the “I before E” approach: Infrastructure before Expansion. Without investing in new and improved infrastructure, new housing developments can place an unsustainable strain on local services such as roads, schools, childcare, health centres and other such facilities.

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Over £500m

new and improved infrastructure

New roads, bridges, drainage and all essential neighbourhood services will be provided on-site

Over £500m of improvements

At Gilston Park Estate, this means over £500m of infrastructure which will provide all of the essential neighbourhood services on-site – all funded through the development. In terms of education this consists of nursery schools, four primary schools and new secondary school provision. Healthcare facilities will be built to prevent strain on existing services and these will be provided along with Primary Care Centres. Other vital services include a community centre, library, leisure and sport facilities, shops and restaurants, orchards, allotments and a police station.

To help alleviate traffic and congestion concerns, there will be major investment in the local road networks.

Committed to sustainability

Our masterplan includes a site-wide drainage strategy to ensure there’s no increase in the surface water discharge rate to the local rivers, a system that will also use sustainable drainage methods to improve local water quality. We are confident that through the use of these sustainable drainage methods the water discharged from the development into the Stort will be of a higher quality than that currently generated by the agricultural uses.

With these major improvements, we believe that Gilston Park Estate can minimise its impact on the existing infrastructure while providing the new homes that are so desperately needed.

Wider transport improvements

The cumulative effect of development in the area means more significant transport improvements are also needed or will be of benefit. This includes improving the existing A414 Stort Crossing as well as providing a second crossing. The local highway authorities are looking to provide a new junction 7a for the M11 to the North East of Harlow.

We want your feedback

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