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City and Provincial Properties (CPP) & Village 7 FAQs

The plan for 10,000 new homes within the Gilston Area includes a proposal from our neighbouring landowners, City and Provincial Properties, on adjoining land to the south-west of Gilston Park Estate. This 1,500 home scheme will be delivered as part of the overall masterplan and constitutes a seventh settlement in our series of new villages.

  1. How can I contact CPP?
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    As Briggens Estate forms a separate development to Gilston Park Estate, we advise contacting CPP directly to discuss their proposals. They can be contacted here.

  2. Who are City and Provincial Properties?
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    City and Provincial Properties (CPP) is a nationwide property developer with a successful background in completing high quality and sustainable developments with varying purposes. More information about CPP, including their contact details, is available at www.cpp-plc.co.uk

  3. Where is the land that CPP are proposing to develop?
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    CPP currently own the Briggens Estate, which is 115 hectares of land earmarked for development to the north west of Harlow, adjoining the land owned by Places for People that is known as Gilston Park Estate.

  4. What are CPP proposing?
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    CPP’s proposal shares the same conceptual background as Gilston Park Estate. It will form the seventh in a series of villages, all with supporting social and transport infrastructure. The development will include 1,500 new homes which will include affordable homes provision and a mix of housing and tenure.

  5. How does the CPP development differ to yours?
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    CPP own a parcel of land within the Gilston Area. Working in partnership, Places for People will provide up to 8,500 homes on their land whilst CPP will provide an additional 1,500. The design, build and management of the homes and associated infrastructure will be consistent across both developments.

  6. Is the CPP land part of Gilston Park Estate?
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    No, the homes which CPP provide will not be part of Gilston Park Estate, rather they are working with us to deliver a seventh village within the Gilston Area.

  7. You’ve talked about 10,000 new homes but nothing about any other developer. Have you been misinforming the public all along?
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    No, CPP were originally working independently. Since 2015, with encouragement from East Herts District Council, CPP and Places for People have collaborated on a joint masterplan to ensure that the infrastructure required for all 10,000 homes is secured and phased. We have consistently said that the six villages we proposed would contain around 8,500 homes and always assumed that CPP would be developing next door.

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