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Housing need FAQs

East Herts District Council currently estimates that the area requires 19,500 new houses by 2033. Gilston Park Estate will provide a total of 8,500 of these new homes across a series of villages, which means local towns and existing villages will be alleviated from the pressure of further development in the future.

  1. You are making a number of claims about housing need and suggest other areas may be developed instead. Are you scaremongering?
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    Not at all. Both local Councils say they need to plan for more homes in the local area and are consulting on where they should go. We’re explaining why we think our plan is the right one.

  2. Is it not better to spread the houses needed in East Herts across existing towns and villages?
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    East Herts District Council’s latest prediction suggest 19,500 new homes will be needed during the next 20 years. It is currently consulting on where these homes should be located. We propose that up to 8,500 homes can be delivered at Gilston Park Estate, and 10,000 across the entire Gilston Area, in one strategically and comprehensively planned new community, supported by all the necessary infrastructure, school places and community facilities that residents will need. Gilston Park Estate benefits from being a single, large landholding, backed by all the investment needed to make the new place happen.

  3. Is there really a need for this number of homes in East Herts?
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    Yes, the area needs homes for local people, families and workers to live comfortably and affordably. This has not appeared overnight: East Herts District Council has said it needs to build at least 19,500 homes over 20 years. Harlow Council has forecast that it needs to build at least 7,500 new homes, increasing to as many as 20,000 to diversify the housing mix in the area and to support the town’s regeneration.

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