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Planning process FAQs

We have not yet submitted a formal planning application; however, the Gilston Area has been allocated as a site for the development of 10,000 homes in the Pre-Submission version of the East Herts District Plan which is set to be submitted and examined by an Independent Inspector in 2017.

  1. Are you being premature in talking to people before East Hertfordshire District Council has completed its District Plan?
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    We are engaging on our scheme now because the Gilston Area has been allocated as a site for housing development within the Pre-Submission version of the East Herts District Plan, which was submitted to Government inspectors in 2017 after a period of public consultation, which occurred between November and December 2016. We want to make sure that local people have access to the correct information and do not have to rely on any misinformation and out of date proposals from former landowners that is in the public domain.

    Our conversations with local people in East Herts and Harlow, show that no one is immune from the current housing crisis. We have talked to people who shared their concerns for their grandchildren’s future, young working families that cannot buy and have no opportunities to rent and even retired people who would love to move somewhere suitable but cannot.

    Trying to help people across the UK who are facing these issues is not a premature marketing exercise. It is what Places for People does.

  2. How have you involved the local community in your plans?
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    Between September 2009 and February 2010, community engagement surveys were sent to 14,000 households across Harlow and East Herts. Approximately 700 people attended community drop-in sessions, 100 attended community forums, and more than 170 people responded to the North Harlow People’s Panel Survey. Around 275 people attended public exhibitions in Harlow and East Hertfordshire.

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  3. Where are you up to in the planning process?
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    We have worked with East Herts and Harlow councils throughout the development of their local plans, presenting all necessary evidence and information as well as consulting with other stakeholders and the community. The Gilston Area has been allocated as a site for the development of 10,000 homes within the East Herts District Plan and was submitted to the Government for Examination. The Council then received the Inspector’s Final Report and Schedule of Main Modifications in July, and we are currently awaiting the adoption of the Plan by the local authority.

  4. How has the changing planning policy affected this proposal?
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    The Government has been changing planning policy and the existing East of England Plan designed to allocate housing numbers for the region has been scrapped. The new National Planning Policy Framework requires local councils to identify local housing requirements for the next 20 years. To do this they are encouraged to work with neighbouring councils on housing issues.

    Through the District Plan, East Herts has identified land in the Gilston Area as a location capable of delivering 10,000 homes in the long term. It is currently consulting the public on this strategy. Harlow Council is also considering on options for its future growth.

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