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Transport FAQs

Our £500m investment in infrastructure will include works to mitigate any potential traffic impacts as well as to enhance the existing local transport network.

  1. Are you just ignoring the argument that further development will cause gridlock on local roads?
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    No, all our predictions about the impact on transport are evidence based. We have engaged in detailed discussions with Essex and Hertfordshire County Councils in respect of transport modelling for Gilston Area and the wider Harlow area. With the provision of appropriate mitigation, the transport network is expected to be able to accommodate forecast growth.

  2. What is your position on the proposed new M11 Junction 7a?
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    Places for People supports the initiative taken by Essex County Council to promote transport improvements that will assist in the economic development and regeneration of Harlow. Good transport links are important to enable Harlow to grow in terms of both jobs and homes.

    We support the proposals for Junction 7a and associated highway improvements as set out in Essex County Council’s consultation documents. We encourage the authorities to progress with the scheme as soon as possible in order to assist with the regeneration of Harlow, including the Enterprise Zone and new homes.

    We concur with the results of the analysis set out in the consultation document that the alternative northern route would not be an appropriate solution and would pose major delivery and environmental issues.

    We are keen to continue to work with the local transport authorities and other stakeholders in the progress of the scheme and its co-ordination with the proposals at Gilston Park Estate. This will include discussions about the financial contribution we would make to off-site highways provision.

  3. Will it impact on the train station in Harlow?
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    We expect significant use of Harlow Station by people travelling to and from the development. It is not anticipated that this will cause any capacity issues at the station itself. The capacity of trains using the station is to be improved by the introduction of 12 car trains. Further improvements to the route are planned by the government, such as the introduction of four tracks at certain locations so that fast trains can pass slow trains.

  4. Will it lead to more traffic problems?
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    The development will generate traffic and this has been carefully considered. A number of highway improvements are proposed which will mitigate this impact. The proposed improvements include:

    • Widening of the existing River Stort Crossing at Eastwick
    • Constructing a second River Stort crossing
    • Improved Eastwick Roundabout
    • Improved Burnt Mill Roundabout
    • Other junction improvements

    Other features of Gilston Park Estate will help to significantly relieve pressure on traffic. As this is a mixed-use development, many trips will be retained within the site. New local bus services will be provided, and high quality walking and cycling routes will be created, connecting across the River Stort to key facilities in Harlow Town, and to surrounding East Herts villages. Large parts of the site are within walking / cycling distance of the station.

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