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Bishop's Stortford

Building homes at Gilston Park Estate will help protect areas like Bishop’s Stortford from development. Gilston Park Estate will also boost Bishop’s Stortford’s local economy.

Bishops Storford town centre

Boosting the local economy

Gilston Park Estate’s residents will be attracted to Bishop’s Stortford to visit the retail offering in Jackson Square and local markets increasing footfall and spending. More local customers will also make smaller local shops viable, as well as attracting new tenants to the area and encouraging investment.

Thousands of new jobs for residents & wider economic benefits

Thousands of new jobs will be created during construction and in the new schools, nurseries, health centres, neighbourhood shops and offices which will form part of Gilston Park Estate. Apprenticeships and training opportunities for residents of East Hertfordshire and Harlow will also be available.

The development will also help to contribute to the success of the local Enterprise Zone as this requires affordable, quality homes to support it. A successful Enterprise Zone will mean East Hertfordshire’s biggest and most important employers stay in the area and help drive forward greater levels of investment in the local economy; benefiting residents of local communities.

Improved infrastructure

Gilston Park Estate will be self-sufficient in terms of its community facilities such as schools, healthcare centres, nurseries and community centres, so the new homes will not put pressure on existing services in Bishop’s Stortford.

Gilston Park will be enhanced and retained at the heart of the development. It will have sports facilities, play areas, pavilions, informal grassland, wildflower meadows and retained trees. The park will be a lasting legacy for the enjoyment of future generations from all the towns and villages in the area.

Green Belt protection

Gilston Park Estate will help preserve the future character of Bishop’s Stortford by delivering a substantial amount of the homes East Herts needs -8,500 homes). This means less pressure to build new homes elsewhere and saving local Green Belt land from further development.

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