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Gilston Park Estate will play a fundamental role in the economic regeneration of Harlow by creating thousands of new jobs and providing homes for residents. A £500m package of new infrastructure benefits will ensure the settlement is self-sufficient and that it does not place additional burden on any of Harlow’s existing services.

Gilston Park Estate

Economic Regeneration

We recognise that, as half of all Harlow residents work within Harlow district, a strong local economy is critical to Harlow’s sustainability. Gilston Park Estate will support the regeneration of Harlow Town Centre through financial support for local initiatives and increasing footfall in the local area. More local customers will help make more local shops viable, as well as attracting new businesses to the area and encouraging investment. This will allow Harlow to reach its potential as a regional shopping centre, attracting spending from neighbouring towns and villages and securing job growth. This in turn will improve the Harlow Town Centre experience for local residents, supported by a broader, high quality local offer.

Thousands of new jobs for residents & economic benefits

Thousands of new jobs will be created during construction and in the new schools, nurseries, health centres, neighbourhood shops and offices which will form part of Gilston Park Estate. Apprenticeships and training opportunities for residents of Harlow and East Hertfordshire will also be available.

Gilston Park Estate will also help contribute to the success of the Enterprise Zone in Harlow, as this requires affordable, quality homes to support it. A successful Enterprise Zone will mean Harlow’s biggest and most important employers stay in the area, securing more jobs for local residents.

£500m of new infrastructure

Gilston Park Estate will be self-sufficient in terms of its community facilities such as schools, healthcare centres, nurseries and community centres, so the new homes will not put pressure on existing services in Harlow.

Indeed, residents in the town will benefit from the strategic improvements delivered by the highway authorities such as the planned improvements to the M11, which will improve the connectivity of Harlow with London as well as East Herts. Harlow will also benefit from Places for People’s contributions towards improved road links including a new crossing of the River Stort and enhancement of the existing Eastwick Crossing. There will also be improved bus services, potential northern access to Harlow town rail station and improved walking and cycling links.


Gilston Park Estate will be a connected series of walkable villages. It will open up access to the countryside and to new recreation facilities.

Contributions will be made towards enhancing the existing Eastwick Crossing and providing an additional Stort crossing as well as other local network improvements. There will be a regular bus service, improved walking and cycling connections and a potential northern pedestrian access to Harlow Town train station.

We want your feedback

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