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It is actually the seventh village, known as the Briggens Estate, within the City and Provincial Properties landholding, which is the closest proposed development to Hunsdon. However we are still committed to ensuring that Gilston Park Estate has a positive impact on the village. Residents will benefit from new infrastructure - including schools and health facilities - and the opening up of the surrounding countryside for the enjoyment of future generations.

Gilston Park Estate

Heritage protection

Hunsdon’s historic Airfield will be managed and protected from future development. It will remain open to the public, with access retained and encouraged through the Airfield Park proposals.

Environmental benefits

Residents will have access to a large woodland park where existing blocks of ancient woodland will be managed along with newly created areas of woodland and grassland planting. New planting and management will increase the diversity of plants and animals in the area providing an attractive space for a variety of recreational activities.

Residents will also be able to access a large area of floodplain grassland as part of the Riverside Park in the Stort Valley, which will be managed to enhance and restore biodiversity and integrated with recreational uses.

Open Space & Green Belt

We are going to see over 60% of Gilston Park Estate retained as green open space, with new walking paths, trails, parks, public gardens, countryside and woodland; as well as a whole range of new sports and playing facilities for new and existing residents to enjoy.

It is the southern part of Gilston Park Estate, rather than the land closest to Hunsdon, that currently lies within the Green Belt. East Herts Council propose amending the Green Belt boundary to accommodate development at the Gilston Area.

£500m of new infrastructure

Residents of Hunsdon will see a massive investment in local infrastructure, including four new primary schools, new secondary school provision, nursery places, as well as healthcare facilities such as doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies. The plans will also include new village centres and community facilities which will benefit existing local residents. Hunsdon will benefit from access to more bridleways and tracks for walking, running, riding, cycling and outdoor pursuits, and improved connections to Harlow.

Gilston Park will be enhanced and retained at the heart of the development. It will have sports facilities, play areas, pavilions, informal grassland, wildflower meadows and retained trees. The park will be a lasting legacy for the enjoyment of future generations from all the towns and villages in the area.

Road and transport improvements

Through Gilston Park Estate, there will be investment in improved bus services, potential northern access to Harlow town rail station and improved walking and cycling links. Places for People will contribute to strategic improvements delivered by the highway authorities such as the planned improvements to the M11 north east of Harlow which will help motorists travelling towards Stansted Airport.

Thousands of new jobs for residents & economic benefits

Thousands of new jobs will be created during construction and in the new schools, nurseries, health centres, neighbourhood shops and offices which will form part of Gilston Park Estate. Apprenticeships and training opportunities for residents of East Hertfordshire and Harlow will also be available.

The development will also help to contribute to the success of the local Enterprise Zone as this requires affordable, quality homes to support it. A successful Enterprise Zone will mean East Hertfordshire’s biggest and most important employers stay in the area and help drive forward greater levels of investment in the local economy; benefiting residents of local communities.


Gilston Park Estate will be a connected series of walkable villages. It will open up access to the countryside and to new recreation facilities.

Contributions will be made towards enhancing the existing Eastwick Crossing and providing an additional Stort crossing as well as other local network improvements. There will be a regular bus service, improved walking and cycling connections and a potential northern pedestrian access to Harlow Town train station.

We want your feedback

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