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We’ve listened to all of the feedback we’ve had about Gilston Park Estate

We submitted our outline planning application for 8,500 homes in 6 villages together with separate applications for the two proposed river crossings in May 2019.

Since then we have been working with the Local Authorities, other key partners, the Parish Councils and the Neighbourhood Planning Groups to review the proposals. We have received a lot of feedback and are proposing to make some amendments to our applications in response to it. Once we submit those revisions, East Herts Council will be seeking your views in a further period of consultation.

Ahead of that, we wanted to share with you the changes we have made, explain the reasons why and answer any questions you may have ahead of that consultation commencing. These changes include proposals for the river crossings, education, employment and sustainable movement through the area.

View a replay of our webinars!

In August we held a series of webinars on the proposed changes, with our first session focusing on concerns relevant to Gilston, the second looking at issues related to Eastwick & Hunsdon; and the final session providing a broad overview of scheme changes. You can view each of the sessions by clicking on the links below.


Eastwick & Hunsdon

Overview of Changes

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