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The East Herts district plan has been sent to the Government

More than 12,000 documents comprising the East Herts district plan have been taken to Bristol in the back of a car.

The plan, which includes proposals to build 16,000 new homes in the district in the next 15 years, was delivered to the Government on Friday (March 31).

The draft plan was approved by the council on Wednesday (March 29) and what happens next is now in the hands of the Government.

Council leader Linda Haysey said: “Every element and sentence of our draft plan has been thoroughly considered by the council. It is a detailed and comprehensive piece of work representing the input of thousands of residents, local groups and councillors.”

In addition to the houses, the plan contains proposals for additional schools, employment areas, health centres and other infrastructure.

At the Examination in Public (EiP), an independent inspector will consider all the related documents, decide if any further information is needed and prepare for a series of hearings.

The timetable is now in the hands of the inspector and it’s expected that the hearings won’t start before September. They’re likely to last for 20-25 days, spread over six to seven weeks.

This article was first published on 04/04/17 and can be read here.