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Regional benefits

The two biggest challenges facing the East Hertfordshire and Harlow region are the need for more sustainable housing and the regeneration of Harlow town. Gilston Park Estate can help to solve both of these, while also bringing with it a huge number of other benefits.

Gilston Park Estate

invested in infrastructure to prevent a strain on existing services

Increased housing and the regeneration of Harlow Town

Addressing the region’s housing need

East Herts District Council has estimated up to 19,500 homes are needed to help solve the district’s housing problems. Similarly, Harlow Council has identified that a minimum of 5,900 homes are urgently needed in the local area, but they believe that it would require up to as many as 20,000 to provide the necessary conditions for a full regeneration of the town. Gilston Park Estate will help meet these targets without placing an unfair burden on existing towns and villages, which other developments tend to do.

However, it’s not just about the number of homes that are needed – housing affordability is a major issue across the region. Building new homes is crucial to providing realistic and desirable living options for young people and families who want to stay living within the area but are currently priced out of the housing market. Gilston Park Estate will offer a range of accommodation, from starter, affordable and self-build to family and retirement homes – all in a tranquil, countryside setting with Harlow town centre just minutes away.

Infrastructure investment to strengthen communities

The development will fund the necessary infrastructure to make Gilston Park Estate and the surrounding areas thrive. This involves new roads, schools, nurseries, healthcare facilities and much more to help create the best quality of life. Harlow and East Herts will also benefit from complementary strategic improvements delivered by the highway authorities, such as improving transport links to the M11 and Harlow Station, as well as investment in other vital services like the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Laying these foundations is like laying a pathway to success and growth.

Protecting and enhancing the countryside

The southern part of Gilston Park Estate is currently designated as Green Belt land. Within the Pre-Submission District Plan, in order to facilitate the development of urgently needed homes in a sustainable location, East Herts Council have amended the Green Belt boundary to accommodate development at the Gilston Area.

Within Gilston Park Estate, less than 40% of the land would be developed – with the rest retained as open countryside, managed parklands, playing fields and other open green space. Our commitment is that this green land would not be developed, and we will be transferring it to the community so that they can decide on its future uses.

New jobs and economic regeneration

The development will stimulate job creation across the region and in a range of sectors such as retail and the service industry. Jobs will be created right here in Gilston Park Estate and Harlow Town. Further to this, partnerships with local schools and the creation of construction jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities will give young people the opportunity to learn key skills and in turn help solve the local skills shortage.

Gilston Park Estate will also support Harlow Enterprise Zone – a modern business space attracting world class companies, innovation and research in the IT, manufacturing and life science sectors - by providing the homes for a new generation of workers in the town, bringing minds and money to the town and enabling people to live close to where they work.

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