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Project background FAQs

We understand many people have heard about the outdated Harlow North proposals – we’ve listened to community feedback and the currently proposed scheme is significantly different in a number of ways.

  1. What is the difference between ‘Gilston Park Estate’ and ‘the Gilston Area’?
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    ‘The Gilston Area’ is the area identified in the Pre-Submission version of East Herts District Plan as a sustainable location for the development of up to 10,000 new homes which will help meet the region’s housing needs.

    ‘Gilston Park Estate’ is Places for People’s proposed development, located within the Gilston Area, which would contribute 8,500 homes towards the total 10,000. It is the historic name for the land that we own. The additional 1,500 will be delivered by through another scheme led by City and Provincial Property (CPP) on adjoining land currently known as the Briggens Estate.

  2. Who owns what parcels of land?
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    Places for People are the sole owners of the land that will form ‘Gilston Park Estate’. City and Provincial Properties own the adjoining piece of land, to the south-west of GPE, which is currently known as the ‘Briggens Estate’. Together we own the land needed to deliver 10,000 homes.

  3. How have your proposals changed?
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    The former owners of Gilston Park Estate – Ropemaker Properties – previously promoted proposals for 10,000 homes with a view to a much larger development of 25,000 homes. This was Harlow North. Places for People’s masterplan is fundamentally different. It centres on a series of new villages with green corridors and parkland between with the historic Gilston Park House as the centrepiece in an enhanced parkland setting.

    The original proposal was for up to 25,000 new homes, of which 16,000 was proposed on our land. The Gilston Area proposal is for up to 10,000 houses. Gilston Park Estate will account for 8,500 of these 10,000 new homes.

    We have said from the outset of our involvement more than seven years ago that we will provide the millions of pounds of investment, infrastructure and facilities needed to make this a successful and sustainable place to live; in that respect, nothing has changed. Our commitment on infrastructure is exactly the same.

  4. How has the approach changed under your stewardship?
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    This will not be one large block of development as in the past, but a series of villages around the historic Gilston Park with green space throughout.

  5. Why is Harlow North Joint Venture no more?
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    Land Securities were involved with the original proposal. They have now adopted a new strategy to re-focus on its core business activities, which does not include this type of project. Places for People therefore bought the Ropemaker landholding of 2,500 acres and owns it outright.

  6. Who is leading the project and what is the nature of the arrangement?
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    Places for People is leading this proposal, developing six of the seven villages, with City and Provincial Properties promoting the seventh village. Places for People are one of the largest development and property management companies in the UK and are different from traditional land owners and house builders. We don’t sell land or houses and move on, but make a long-term commitment and investment in communities, working with local people to provide the services and infrastructure they need.

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