A place to grow and learn

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Gilston Park Estate will play a vital role in supporting local economic growth by creating the places, jobs and opportunities that sustain this.

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It will directly create thousands of construction jobs and apprenticeships, alongside opportunities for businesses based across 29,000 sq m of employment space.

Across these developments, Gilston Park Estate is expected to support up to 1,500 permanent jobs. The villages will play an important role in supporting this ambition, by hosting shops and food and drink outlets which provide jobs and spaces that bring people together. Health, educational and community facilities will also create employment in professional occupations.

Learning and skills

A thriving economy must be supported with training and education to nurture the talent and skills that enables this success. That’s why learning is at the heart of our plans for Gilston Park Estate, supported with quality education and training facilities across the six proposed villages.

Our communities will provide a place for residents to learn and grow through every stage of their lives. Nurseries, creches, schools and further education facilities are an important part of this approach.

Gilston Park Estate will provide school places for every child living on-site who wants one. All primary schools will have integrated nurseries and Early Years provision will be available in every village. We want to provide secondary school places at Gilston Park Estate at an early stage and will work with partners and government to explore all options to enable this to happen.

We are also working closely with Passmores Academy to deliver a new vocational skills centre, to provide qualifications for students across construction, child care and health and beauty.

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Across these developments, Gilston Park Estate is expected to support up to 1,500 permanent jobs.

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